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How to Find & Fix Duplicate Content Issue in Blogger

Today we will be discussing, Howto find & fix Duplicate Content Issue in blogger, this problem is permanent. Duplicate content inside the web site is an enormous problem and most of the bloggers will not be aware of how to fix it. In this post, full information about blogger labels, archives, search pages, noindex and how to fix duplicate content issue from Google.

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How to Find & Fix Duplicate Content Issue in Blogger

Google is taking strict actions against duplicate content issue, whether or not it's generated from a different site or the same site. Due to content material scrappers, you may face duplicate content issue and for that, you can take the necessary step to keep away from the duplicate content issue by following steps. However, duplicate content material could be developed inside your blog as well.

If you are a Blogspot user, you may have been duplicated content issue in Google search console tools and you will also try to fix it. You will be able to solve these problems by noindex, blog labels, archives and search pages from your blogger.

The search engine can also penalize your blog if you do not noindex your labels, search pages, and archive pages. That's why I would suggest you follow this article and remove them from the Google search engine by noindex.

First of all, Go to Google Webmaster Tools and then select Search Appearing in the left sidebar & then Click on HTML Improvments. Here you can see duplicate content issue.

Google Webmaster Tool HTML Improvement, google Duplicate content Issue
Google Webmaster Tool HTML Improvement/Duplicate content finder

Now let me tell you about blogspot lables tag, noindex to archive and search pages.

How to noindex blogger archive?

To noindex a blogger archive, you need to add the noindex meta tag attribute in the archive page.

Go to the Blogger Dashboard. Next
Go to theme >> Edit HTML Option in the left side.
Now search the <head> tag and then add the following code.

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;archive&quot;'>
<meta content='noindex' name='robots'/>

After Adding the code, save the settings by clicking Save Theme. You can see these screenshots.

Noindex archive code blogger

Now once you open your blog's archive page, look at its source code and confirm whether the noindex tag has been added or not.

How to blogger label noindex?

Follow these steps to noindex blogger labels.

Go to the Blogger Dashboard Settings.
In left side Click Search Preferences.
And Go Crawlers and Indexing then Click to Custom robots.txt and enable it.

When you select this option, add these codes to the robots.txt file and save the settings by clicking Save Changes.

User-agent: *
Disallow: / Search / Labels /

This way is to add.


After add the robots.txt Once you check with https://your domain name/robots.txt and see if the code you added has been show or not.

How to noindex blogger search pages?

Adding these codes to blog robots.txt to blogger, for noindex search pages from Google. A process is same as above

User-agent: *
Disallow: / Search?

Once you've set up these 3 Settings, confirm it once. Within a few days after these settings, Google removes your blog's Labels, archive page and search page from the search engine.

Custom Robots Header Setting

This is a more advanced setting provided by Blogger and must be used carefully otherwise your blog de-indexed by Google.

Go to blogger dashboard then
Choose Search Preferences.
Enable Custom Robots Header Tags which is disabled by default and follow the below settings.

Blogger Custom Robots Header Setting advance
Blogger Custom Robots Header Setting 

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