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How to Make Money on Facebook ads- 8 ways to Make Money

How to Make Money on Facebook ads?

Facebook is currently the world's largest social media platform, with more than 2.2 billion users worldwide. Because of the large number of people, it has always been one of the most important money-making channels for online marketing workers. The question is How to Make Money on Facebook ads.

There are quite a few ways to use Facebook to increase your income. Some need to build a large fan base to make a profit. Some can directly increase the income by buying advertisements. Today I will introduce 8 ways to make money on Facebook commonly used to make money.

Table of Content: Make Money on Facebook

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Make Money on Facebook ads

8 Ways to Make Money on Facebook ads

#1 Facebook Post to make money
  • Promote affiliate marketing products.
  • Diverted traffic to your own website/blog, then promoted
  • Brand awareness, attract more deals.
#2 Establish a community to provide paid professional services.
  • Sell your own goods or services
  • Do affiliate marketing
#3 Live Facebook commodity auction
  • Industry income
  • Fan sponsorship
  • Affiliate marketing
#4 Open a Facebook store
  • To sell new or second-hand goods
#5 FB advertising
  • Do accurate advertising
  • Audience marketing
#6 Selling Facebook traffic
  • Paid sponsored posts by company vendors
#7 FB cover design
  • Outsourcing website
#8 Join the FB advertising network
  • To place an advertisement

How to Make Money on Facebook ads or Earn Money from Facebook

#1 How to Make Money on Facebook ads- Facebook Post to make money

In addition to the relationship between fans and fans, the PO text on the fan page is also a good marketing channel.

You can use the post to do affiliate marketing, recommend good products in the article and earn money. It is common practice to first direct fan readers to your landing page. Then, you can conduct a shopping guide or collect a list of customer emails and other goals that you plan to achieve.

A good affiliate marketing platform can be considered to join the affiliate network. There are many local merchandising solutions in this platform. If you want to take the international route, Commission Junction is a good choice.

In addition, the use of Facebook PO text is also good publicity and awareness channel. It is like to inform everyone that your blog has a new article published, or that you open a new store with online products. If you have a lot of fans, this type of post can also bring considerable traffic to your website. 

#2 How to Make Money on Facebook ads- Established the FB community

The FB community gathers a group of members with the same interests. When joining, it usually does different levels of screening. Since members have common hobbies, the interaction will be higher than that of fans in the general fan page.

If you have a special experience or expertise in one area, you can set up a FB community. When you share your knowledge and experience with your members, you can also bring extra income to yourself.

The way to make money with facebook community can be:

Provide paid professional services – you can set up a paid Facebook community. Provide professional counselor or instruction. The fee can be paid in one-time membership fee, or by monthly fee, annual fee, etc.

Sell your own goods or services – such as your hand-made art goods, e-books or instructional videos, etc.

Do affiliate marketing – you can recommend some items related to your club’s content and earn commissions from it.

Selling things, operating group purchases. These are the way to make money with facebook community.

#3 How to Make Money on Facebook ads- Do FB Live

How to Make Money on Facebook ads: If you want to sell goods on the online, FB Live will be a good business option. There is no geographical restriction on the live broadcast, it is in the consumer group or camp. More often than not.

There are also quite a few people who compare Facebok live auctions with TV shopping channels. The advantage of FB live broadcast is that hosts and viewers can interact instantly on the Internet. It is also easier to push up the performance while zooming in.

In addition, some products reviewing, video game guides, online teaching courses are also very suitable for live streaming with Facebok. 

#4 How to Make Money on Facebook ads- Set up the FB store area

The store section in the fan page allows you to easily put your merchandise on the shelf and quickly create a small online store. The auction can be brand new or second-hand. The FB store area is free. Sales proceeds will not be drawn by FB.

At present, Facebok does not provide official gold and logistics services. You may have to arrange the charging pipeline or link directly to the checkout website.

#5 How to Make Money on Facebook ads- FB advertising

For those who are interested in marketing efficiency, spending money on advertising can quickly track and test the effectiveness of advertising marketing through the purchased network traffic.

Because Facebok has a large user base, the number of audiences that can be reached by advertisements is also very impressive. You can make very precise advertisements based on the user's place of residence, age, gender and interests. Good advertising solutions can often It brings high profits in a short period of time. Therefore, it is often one of the favorite ways of operation of Internet marketing workers.

You can use FB "Enhance Promotion Posts" to buy advertisements. Quickly expose your posts/small videos to pre-defined audiences. Visitors can reach the URL you specify via the link above the post/ On the login page, you can use it to make a variety of shopping guides or collect customer email lists.

 FB advertising ways to make money:
  • Use it in an e-commerce/network store or dropshipping merchandise promotion
  • Do affiliate marketing, quickly promote the right marketing plan, and collect the commission from it.
  • Conducting a list of potential customers' email lists

#6 Sponsoring post and selling Facebook traffic

If your Facebook page has a lot of fans (preferably more than 10,000), you can sell the traffic to interested vendors or websites by sponsoring the post. The charging method can be based on the number of clicks. Calculation. For example, every 1000 visitors can get $8. This is the way to How to Make Money on Facebook ads.

#7 FB cover design

If you are very good at Facebook cover design, you can make money on the outsourcing website. You may also consider extending your network career to Foreign Countries Fiverr or UpWork. After all, good art design has no national boundaries.

#8 Join the FB Advertising Network (Facebook Audience Network)

Many people have to pay for Facebook ads, and often use the FB advertising network. But to use it to earn advertising revenue, people do not seem to know a lot. Network-related discussions are rare.

The FB advertising network has two functions of advertising and buying. Some people who are just getting in touch may be confused. Because it is not like Google, it will divide the Google Adwords for advertising and the Adsense for selling ads into two different ways. The unit comes to operate.

Maybe your blog is currently using Google Adsense ads to make money. Facebok is now also allowing you to place ads on the posts or video area of the fan page. As long as a user clicks, you can receive the income.

FB On-Demand Video  Facebook launched the video on demand service in the US in 2017. It has been promoted to most countries around the world. FB Watch is like a YouTube and Netflix's complex. In addition to being able to subscribe to the channel you like to watch, you can also be a film creator and put your own work on this platform for everyone to enjoy. Currently, the way to make money through FB on-demand video is mainly It is based on the commission of the advertisement.

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Using the Internet to make money, usually need to find more places to have more profitable space. And FB's huge population of people just provides this perfect stage for freelancers who want to increase their income.

Some marketing solutions that require a short time to achieve high results are solved by buying Facebook ads mentioned above to combine with your own website or other social media such as YouTube to complement each other and achieve more profit opportunities.

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