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What is Anchor Text in SEO: SEO for Beginners

What is Anchor Text in SEO?

In this post, we will discuss what is anchor text and how to use Anchor Text in SEO. Anchor Text is extremely necessary for the right SEO optimization of your Web site or Blog. Many people have read about it, but they are unaware of what the anchor text is and why it is necessary for SEO optimization.
When you read a post on any Blog or Website, when you get some clickable text in the post. They are different from our regular texts. You can click on these texts. If you click on that text, you'll be redirected to some other web page or website. We call this text anchor text. Whenever you are reading a post on a computer or laptop and your cursor changes into a hand icon by going to any text of that post. So that is an anchor txt and you'll be able to click on that.
Example Anchor Text: <a href="">Blogging Trend</a>

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what is anchor text in seo

You may have seen many times in our posts too on our website that whenever we write an article we often link it to another post which is called the internal or inbound link, link to any page of your own website. By using anchor text as an internal link. When this link is connected to a different website's page, it can called it External link or an outbound link. These incoming and outgoing links are the anchor text of the website or any blog itself.

How Anchor Text in SEO is done?

With Anchor Text in SEO, gathering info. regarding the content of the page and what the page is related to, it also looks for the keywords to rank the website. This is a huge factor in ranking the website and so plays an important role in the link building. It provides reference to the search engine for inbound links that it ought to rank, its website has a direct impact on the organic traffic. This may increase the traffic coming from Search Engines.

What are the types of Anchor Text?

Anchor Text can be six types. It is used as a backlink or link building, so that any website's rank increases in search engines like Google. With the help of this, if you select your keyword and use it with Anchor Text then your website rank will improve. Many times, the search engines impose penalties on websites while not link building properly. To keep away from that penalty, know the best way to use appropriate and good anchor text.
Let's know the type of anchors : -
1) Generic anchor - In this category, the word generic means simple or general. In most cases, generic anchor text does not make any profits for your website. Generic anchor does not provide any context about text linked pages. It also gives no benefit to your rank.
In the Generic Anchor texts, Click here, Read more, Go to this page etc. are used in abundance. If you want to increase the rank of your website, generic anchor will not help you.

2) Branded anchor - Any name of any text if it is a brand, it comes in the category of Branded Anchor Text.
Like whenever we'll post a link to Amazon on our website and keep the title of the link" amazon "then it becomes a Branded anchor text.

This doesn't increase the ranking of the website. If you're building a link to your web site then use less of the branded anchors.
Example Branded anchor : <a href="">amazon</a>

3) Naked link Anchors - This is a very simple category of anchors. Whenever we write directly to any website or any other webpage in any post, it is called Naked link anchors.
Like we gave a link of amazon in our post but also gave its title as and using it as in its website post, So  is a naked link anchor.

4) Image Anchors - You may have seen on many websites that many times when you click on an image, your browser takes you to another website or page. To see a lot of websites image, image anchor in your post. By applying an image anchor, whenever you click thereon image, you may reach the website from wherever the image has been linked.
The search engine finds its content with the alt attribute of that image. From the search engine image, the keyword can not determine which keyword to rank the website, so with the image, alt attribute made with it generates information about the search engine image.
If the alt tag of the image is left empty then the search engine can not help it rank as an anchor. Applying this kind of image is of no use.

5) Partial match Anchor - In this type of anchor some part of anchor text is used. Whenever an anchor is used, some part of our keyword (partial) is used in it. Like if our keyword is "Make Money Oline" then we can partial match anchor text like this - "Way To Make Money Online"

6) Exact Match Anchor - This is the most widely used anchor text. These are important for doing well in ranking the website and are used most for progress in ranking. If your target keyword is "Blogging" and you are using "Blogging" in anchor text then this is your exact match anchor txt. The exact keyword anchor is used to make the target keyword the same as is.

Benefits of Anchor Text

There are several advantages to using anchor txt on your blog. If you learn to use them properly, then you can easily bring your blog to a good ranking in the search engine. Let's know what the advantages of anchor text -
 If anchor text is used properly within the post, your page rank will increase in the search engine and get more organic traffic from it.
 Anchor text conjointly plays a very massive role in reducing the Bounce rate. If you have ever used analytics, you will know how much the bounce rate is for a website. It is said that the bounce rate should be less than 30%. If utilized in the manner of anchor txt, you can reduce your bounce rate.

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